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Zhuzhou City Greenhouse Gas Emissions Peak Research Achievement Report Meeting Held Successfully

        On August 21, 2019, the report meeting of the achievements of “Zhuzhou City Greenhouse Gas Emissions Peak Research” was successfully held at the Zhuzhou Development and Reform Commission.

        From Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, Zhuzhou Municipal Government, Zhuzhou Development and Reform Commission, Zhuzhou Eco-Environmental Bureau, Zhuzhou Statistics Bureau, Zhuzhou Industrial and Information Bureau, Zhuzhou City Finance Bureau, Zhuzhou City Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, Zhuzhou Transportation Representatives from relevant bureaus, Zhuzhou Forestry Bureau and Zhuzhou Agriculture and Rural Bureau attended the meeting. As a local partner of the research project, Hunan Lianchuang Low-Carbon Economic Development Center also participated in the meeting. Under the guidance of the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC), the center undertook project investigation, data collection, and scenario simulation in the project. And policy recommendations.

        ISC China ’s chief representative Zeng Lei reviewed the cooperation between ISC and Hunan Province in the city ’s carbon emission peak action in the past few years, thanking all parties for their support and the research team ’s efforts, hoping that the research results will contribute to the high-quality development of Zhuzhou cities and look forward to the future Work together to create a green and low-carbon future in Zhuzhou.

        Pan Tao, Technical Director of ISC, introduced the research results from five aspects: research methodology, carbon emission characteristics, peak scenario analysis, peak path and policy recommendations. The study evaluated the year and total amount of carbon emission peaks under different emission reduction scenarios in Zhuzhou City, and set quantified carbon peak goals and key indicators, thereby developing four major measures and eight key projects for the carbon peak path. The carbon emission reduction of key projects has been sorted by investment economic strength, and policy suggestions have been put forward for the implementation of the peak carbon emission path in Zhuzhou City, which will provide a short-term action plan for the low-carbon and high-quality development of Zhuzhou City and the future “14th Five-Year Plan” Related content provides data support.

        Researcher Liang Decai of Zhuzhou Municipal Government Office thanked the research team and the provincial, municipal and municipal departments for their efforts, support and help. In his speech, he expressed that the research is scientifically empirical, instructive, and operable. Support Zhuzhou.

        Researcher Fan Anzhen from the Regional Division of Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission first thanked ISC for supporting the development and implementation of carbon emission peaks in the three cities of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, and hopes that ISC will provide technical support to the overall design of carbon peaks in Changzhutan urban agglomeration in the future The plan promotes the development of integrated low-carbon and high-quality development of Changzhutan.

        Chen Xing, Deputy Director of the Atmospheric Department of the Hunan Provincial Department of Eco-Environment, introduced the urgency of Hunan Province ’s response to climate change and the importance of peak carbon emissions in all states of the province, hoping to use the research results at the provincial / city / state levels. Realize the synergistic benefits of coping with climate change and improving air quality.

Liang Guorong, deputy director of Zhuzhou Development and Reform Commission, He Changshun, deputy director of Zhuzhou City Ecology and Environment Bureau, and representatives of relevant departments in Zhuzhou agreed that the research results are clear in thinking, scientific in path, practical and realistic, and policy recommendations are highly operable. Such a comprehensive and professional research report has a high reference value for Zhuzhou’s “14th Five-Year Plan” development.

        In addition, the meeting also discussed and exchanged the peak carbon emission path, goals, indicators and recent actions of Zhuzhou City.

        Xu Yong, director of Hunan Lianchuang Low-Carbon Economic Development Center, expressed his gratitude to the provincial and municipal governments for their guidance and assistance to this project, hoping to normalize the dynamic management of peak carbon emissions in Zhuzhou City, break down the peak target indicators, and synergistic benefits, etc. Continue to provide technical support.