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Multi-stakeholder Engagement

Environmental Governance and Enforcement

COMPLETED PROGRAM Environmental Governance and Enforcement The objective of the Governance and Environmental Enforcement project was to improve governance and enforcement of environmental, energy and carbon policies in Guangdong. ISC [...]

Education for Sustainable Development

COMPLETED PROGRAM Education for Sustainable Development Working in local schools, ISC helped prepare the next generation of Chinese citizens to safeguard their environment. The Education for Sustainable Development program was led by a [...]

Community-Based Energy Efficiency

COMPLETED PROGRAM Community-Based Energy Efficiency This project demonstrated sustainable, community-driven, energy efficiency practices with a focus on public facilities, residential buildings, and SMEs in two municipalities in [...]

Low Carbon Communities in Guangzhou Province

COMPLETED PROGRAM Low Carbon Communities in Guangzhou Province ISC worked with local organizations to build small-scale low carbon communities within the Guangzhou province. Specifically:We engaged Canke, a local NGO, to support the [...]

City-level GHG Accounting and Planning

COMPLETED PROGRAM City-level GHG Accounting and Planning One of the biggest challenges facing China’s cities in lowering GHG emissions is the ability to measure their emissions and collect GHG data from the different sectors.One of [...]

Climate Smart Low Carbon Cities

Piloted an approach to achieve emissions and pollution reduction by providing skills, tools, and support needed to implement city plans.