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The Institute for Sustainable Communities successfully registered and new version of “Beijing Representative Office” website officially launched

        On April 18, 2020, the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) won the “Registration Certificate for Representative Offices of Overseas Non-Governmental Organizations” issued by the Administration Office of Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, which will be published in the Public Security Department. Under the guidance and support of the China People ’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the new independent status of the “Sustainable Development Cooperation Institute (USA) Beijing Representative Office” continues to carry out work in the field of environmental protection and response to environmental changes in China.

        In order to better play the role of the website, build a knowledge and information platform in the field, and show the work done by ISC and partners to jointly promote China’s low-carbon sustainable development.

        Since its establishment in 1991, ISC has carried out work in cities, communities, industries and other fields in the United States and around the world to promote the coordinated development of society, economy and environment. ISC enhances the ability of local residents and institutions, solves problems, seizes opportunities, develops solutions, and forms best practices and strategies through training, seminars, technical support, peer exchanges, and pilot projects. ISC focuses on multi-party cooperation, results-oriented, and seeks a pragmatic and fair solution to address the environmental and climate change challenges faced by countries all over the world.

        Since ISC started working in China in 2007, ISC has cooperated with all parties in China, including government, enterprises, academia, and public welfare organizations, to carry out capacity building and technical support for urban green sustainable development, greenhouse gas emission reduction, and green supply chain. jobs. All along, ISC has cooperated with Chinese cities to assist cities in the development, formulation and implementation of green and low-carbon action plans and plans through technical support and capacity-building to improve the urban ecological environment, accelerate greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and support China’s carbon peak and zero-carbon development. ISC published the Urban Carbon Emissions Peak Roadmap and Modular Design Guidelines for Action Plan last year. Based on ISC ’s nearly 30 years of international development cooperation experience and nearly 10 years of research results in China’s low-carbon cities, the data model, international benchmarking, and economic analysis help cities design road maps for peak carbon emissions and provide intellectual support for large-scale low-carbon projects in cities.

        Under the guidance of the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Non-Governmental Organizations’ Activities in the People’s Republic of China ”, the Beijing Representative Office of the Institute for Sustainable Communities (USA) will continue to integrate international resources and local experience through multi-party cooperation to help urban ecological civilization and high-quality development of.