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The Institute for Sustainable Communities and the National Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation Center visited Xiaolan Town

On January 11, 2017, the Sustainable Development Community Association (ISC) and the National Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation Center expert research team visited Xiaolan Town to learn about the development and work of Xiaolan Town in creating low-carbon demonstration towns. In the train of thought, accompanied by Zhang Lianhong, deputy mayor of Xiaolan Town, and the relevant responsible departments, they visited the low-carbon demonstration community and low-carbon outstanding enterprises in Guangdong Province.

Under the “Environmental Environment Decade Cooperation Framework” between the Chinese and US governments, the Zhongshan Development and Reform Bureau, the Xiaolan Town People’s Government, ISC and the Center signed a memorandum of cooperation to make Zhongshan a low-tech climate. One of the pilot cities for carbon city projects. Promoting the capacity building of low-carbon communities in Zhongshan City, supporting the construction of low-carbon communities in Xiaolan Town, and achieving low-carbon development and greenhouse gas emission reduction targets are the main contents of the project. The National Center for Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the National Climate Strategy Center) is China’s national strategic research institution and international cooperation and exchange window in the field of climate change. As a strategic partner and project expert group of ISC, technical support for the project. 

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At present, the construction of Xiaolan low-carbon community has made progress in stages. The research team hopes to summarize the experience of Xiaolan in building a low-carbon community, so that more people can understand the importance of low-carbon community work, and at the same time, to other provinces and cities in China. The carbon community promotes and promotes the international community as a contribution to the reduction of national greenhouse gas emissions. 

In the morning, the research team visited the community of Xiaolan North District, a low-carbon demonstration community in Guangdong Province. Yang Xiu, an expert at the National Climate Strategy Center, gave a presentation on the national low-carbon pilot work, including pilot communities, towns, parks and other models and status quo, and interpreted relevant national policies. Deputy Director Zhang Lianhong introduced the low-carbon work experience and achievements of the Xiaolan Town People’s Government to the research team experts. He hoped that through this exchange, combined with the goal of building a healthy city pioneer zone in Xiaolan Town, the low-carbon pilot towns will be promoted. Carry out. Subsequently, the Center and the Xiaolan Village Bank of Zhongshan introduced the promotion and future plans of the low-carbon demonstration community in Guangdong Province, and the green financial project “Photovoltaic” launched to promote the low-carbon community and promote the family PV operation. treasure”. The research team visited the low-carbon demonstration community related construction, including solar carbon footprint display, solar charging pile, rainwater recycling, low-carbon public welfare pavilion and other facilities and demonstration families to understand its functional use and implementation demonstration significance. 

The research team fully affirmed the low carbon community construction model of the Xiaolan North District community. Li Junfeng, director of the National Climate Strategy Center, said that through this survey, I was pleased to learn about the practices and experiences of low-carbon pilot work in different regions and the ideas of low-carbon work at the grassroots level.

In the afternoon, the research team visited Stanley (Zhongshan) Tools Co., Ltd. and exchanged ideas with business representatives. As one of the companies with excellent carbon management experience in Xiaolan Town, the low-carbon concept penetrates into all aspects of Stanley’s production and operation process. Stanley is not only the first batch of carbon label pilot enterprises in Zhongshan, but also cooperates with China Southern Power Grid. It plans to build a 1MW project with contracted energy management, which will be put into use this year. It is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 400 tons per year. 

The research team visited Xiaolan Town to exchange ideas on the future development of low-carbon communities and low-carbon demonstration towns, and collided with new working ideas to effectively promote the cooperation of climate-smart low-carbon cities and “Zhongshan”. The project of the city’s low carbon community capacity building project. 

(Chairman of Xiaolan Low Carbon Development Promotion Center, Zhongshan City: Tan Mingchao)