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US-China Partnership for Climate Action (PCA)

The PCA was launched in 2009 to bring together the experience and talent of leading US and Chinese practitioners. By sharing new techniques and developing new standards, ISC helped practitioners target China’s largest and fastest growing energy consumers: industry, electric power utilities and cities. 

Working primarily in two of China’s most industrial provinces, Guangdong and Jiangsu, for the first four years (2010-2014) PCA’s industry activities focused on reducing factory GHG emissions by establishing sustainable training platforms for factory managers, and developing carbon accounting and management tools for industrial enterprises. 

In later phases (2014-2015), the PCA cultivated new capacity to scale improved governance of priority environmental challenges in cities, by focusing on Chinese environmental NPOs (ENPOs), and NPO service providers that support them.  PCA equipped this sector with the skills to partner with government to identify, drive and implement solutions to environmental challenges.  

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