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Urban Sustainable Development and Environmental Management

In 2014, the US-China Partnership for Climate Action (PCA) component of ISC’s work in China was extended and has narrowed its focus more to supporting local environmental groups in working together on practical initiatives. In Guangdong Province, ISC has four partners that work in the fields of garbage separation, river water quality monitoring, rural-urban integration, and low-carbon development. Through tailored learning activities – skill-building workshops, peer-learning activities, study tours, individualized coaching sessions and “learning-by-doing” pilot projects, we helped NGOs become constructive partners and solution providers.

In addition, ISC aided other Chinese organizations in providing better services to local urban leaders and environmental groups. These programs resulted in reports and manuals for the participatory implementation of environmental urban policies, accompanied by a series of workshops and awareness raising activities.

At the national level, ISC has formed a coalition called the “China Urban Sustainability Coalition”, comprising national and international initiatives working in the urban sector. This coalition collects, analyses and publishes lessons learned from China’s path towards urbanization and its subsequent effect on climate change and organizes regular round table and conference events. 

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