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Low Carbon Urban Redevelopment in Yangzhou

ISC helped to build the capacity of local organizations in the Yangzhou Province to contribute to the low-carbon redevelopment of their community in a historically sensitive way. Specifically, ISC created a model that can be replicated in other parts of the country – pairing local know-how with international and national expertise to design the best possible low carbon community.

The design and construction of the project were all formulated on the basis of community participation, moderate application of technology and balance between economic and ecologic benefits. The project consisted of several lots (yards), which were constructed to mirror the overall scene of the surrounding old city. Yard 3 of the project was designed as a low-carbon exhibition hall, which displays the low-carbon technologies used in the project and public participation methods utilized throughout the entire project process. Yard 10 of the project received platinum designation from LEED-for-Homes (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in 2013.


Steven Zeng, staff
Lei (Steven) Zeng
China Country Director
Brent Habig, staff
Brent Habig
VP, International Programs

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