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Low Carbon Industrial Zone (LCIZ) Program

The overall goal was to create guides and showcase demonstrable pilot projects for industrial zone managers on how to develop low carbon industrial parks and zones. Specific objectives were to:

  • Create a stakeholder and expert-reviewed guide that contains a quantitative evaluation system as well as a set of technical guidelines for managers of both multi-zoning industrial zones and manufacturing‐based districts
  • Support three pilot industrial zones to utilize the guidebook and standard, and develop low-carbon plans. ISC provided technical assistance and organized several peer-learning workshops through which the pilot industrial zones could learn from each others’ successes and challenges.

The Guide for Low Carbon Industrial Development Zones (IDZs) was developed by ISC in partnership with an expert panel and used by three pilot IDZs to guide their low carbon transformation. The guide was the first of its kind in China that contained a comprehensive indicator system to evaluate the degree to which an industrial development zones integrates low carbon practices. The guidebook served as an implementation guide for the three pilot industrial zones of ISC’s IDZ Capacity Building Project in Xiaolan (Guangdong); Taizhou (Jiangsu) and Tianjin.

Program Materials


Guide for Low Carbon Industrial Development Zones

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