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Community-Based Energy Efficiency

This project demonstrated sustainable, community-driven, energy efficiency practices with a focus on public facilities, residential buildings, and SMEs in two municipalities in Guangdong. 

The program brings citizens of all backgrounds together to identify and prioritize projects. Each community forms a Multi-Stakeholder Committee, comprised of leaders from government, local businesses, and the larger community to manage the project, ensuring widespread buy-in and support. By working together and leveraging the resources of the entire community, the Committee makes projects more attractive to external funders, a key step in securing financing and establishing long-term capacity to continue their work past ISC’s involvement.

ISC also worked with local banks and investors to establish revolving loan funds that will help communities reinvest their energy savings in additional efficiency or community improvement projects. Together, these activities will form the basis of a model that can be replicated by communities throughout China, sparking a wave of energy efficiency initiatives at the grassroots level.

Program Materials