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Chief Responsible Officer Forum: Low-Carbon Supply Chain Development In China

The acknowledgement of the strategic importance of green supply chain management in corporate social responsibility has increased prominently in recent years in China. Low carbon is a key index in green supply chain management. Brands’ growing concerns on the climate impact from supply chains has resulted in more cooperation between brand buyers and the suppliers in promoting energy saving retrofit and carbon emission reduction, and in some cases, become the touchstone when establishing a sustainable relationship between the two. 

To echo the heated discussion, held in cooperation with ISC and Lingnan-ISC EHS Academy, Syntao organized the latest CRO (Chief Responsible Officer) forum in Guangzhou to share best practices and challenges in low carbon supply chain management across different industries. This forum was also supported by the British Consulate-General Guangzhou. Representatives from GE, HP, Starbucks, Fossil, H&M, Nike, Puma, Kingfisher, Microsoft, Danone, Hitachi, Southern China Airlines, Southern China Power Grid, Guangdong Economic & Information Commission, and Environmental Defense Fund attended the forum. Protocols, case studies, standard procedures and challenges faced in green supply chain management projects were shared and discussed by these attendees.   

Brand representatives and experts pointed out that concerns over factories’ contribution to green house gas emissions and other social- environmental impacts are growing significantly. As a result, governmental and brand commitment to green supply chains has risen dramatically. Integration of industrial, governmental, NGO and academy resources; opportunities of peer learning, and collective pursuit of management and technical improvement are the key factors to lead the supply chain towards a low-carbon future.  

Participants are discussing challenges of green supply chains