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by Steve Nicholas | February 2, 2017
Why does the Institute for Sustainable Communities remain focused, dogged and optimistic amid the sound and the fury unfurling on the national stage? Because we believe deeply that the work we do – bringing local leaders together across [...]
by Steve Nicholas | December 21, 2015
Steve Nicholas' earlier Paris trip blogs can be found here: Part 1, 2, 3 The reviews are pouring in. Some are raving. Some are ranting. A few – a fast-dying breed, thankfully – still have their heads buried deeply in the sand. But the clear [...]
by ISC 员工 | May 30, 2015
Download The China Urban Sustainability Coalition, along with multiple non-profit organizations that advocate for sustainable urbanization in China, jointly released the Ten Key Principles of Low Carbon Urbanization.It concludes: that [...]
by ISC 员工 | March 6, 2015
A blog post from China Communications Manager Huang Wei   A nearly two-hour long documentary film went viral in China during the last weekend (here’s a version with English subtitles). It’s produced and presented by former [...]